Wheelchair Ramps

Wheelchair ramps produced by Feal offer extremely useful and comfortable solutions in the vehicle for the use of elderly or disabled individuals.

These are the solutions that facilitate the entry and exit of individuals with mobility difficulties. The ramps that can be placed on the rear door or the side of the vehicle have the feature of taking up less space by providing the opportunity to fold without being too noticeable in the vehicle.

The ramp system offers a useful solution not only for wheelchair users, but also for individuals with walking difficulties and visually impaired individuals in terms of access to the vehicle.

Fiat Doblo, Ford Transit, Volkswagen Caddy, Mercedes Vito, Sprinter, Kia Soul etc. . There are possibilities to be applied in many vehicles. It is possible to find many long or short ramps depending on the height and model of the vehicle.

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Make a safe transition to your vehicle with the help of a ramp!

Make a safe transition to your vehicle with the ramp systems installed on your vehicle.

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