Moving Vehicle Seats

Moving vehicle seats eliminate the difficulties experienced by the elderly and people with reduced mobility during getting in and out of the vehicle. The movable seat system, which can be applied to many models of many brands, makes life easier for both users and companions.

All of the products have passed the crash tests, CE approved, produced in accordance with the current legislation and standards.

Movable vehicle seats are designed to enable the transfer of disabled and elderly individuals into and out of the vehicle easily and independently without being lifted or moved during the boarding and landing.


Movable Vehicle Seats Product Details

We have two types of mobile vehicle seat systems that can be controlled manually or with the help of a remote (automatic).

Especially in SUV type vehicles, the automatic system has been designed to meet this need, as the seat must not only move outward, but also can be lowered downward.

This special vehicle seat adaptation, which can be applied to the front left seat, front right seat and the rear side door of minibus model vehicles, allows the person to turn outward independently by moving in the vehicle in suitable vehicles and thus, if desired, easy transfer to the wheelchair.

In terms of the applicability of the movable seat system, the harmony between the person's height and the return distance of the seat outside the vehicle is important. Vehicles such as Ford Grand C-Max, Skoda Superb, Volkswagen Passat, Nissan Qashqai, Mercedes Vito are the best examples of vehicles where this application is applied without any problems.

* If desired, thanks to the wheeled apparatus mounted under the mobile vehicle seat system, the seat can be transformed into an independent wheelchair that can be separated from the vehicle as a whole with this apparatus.

Let your car seat come to you!

Get into your vehicle more easily from your wheelchair with our moving vehicle seats.

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