Stair Lift for Elderly and Disabled

Our family members with knee diseases or loss of strength have difficulty going up and down stairs, sometimes even being pushed not to use stairs completely. Stair chairs that we have developed with our partners by HNC make it easier for our precious family members to go up and down stairs.

Stair lifts are applied at home, workplaces and outdoors for people with reduced mobility.

These are systems that allow people with reduced mobility to move between floors, inside or outside the building. Suitable for the elderly and people with reduced mobility.

There are models in different options according to the shape, size, seat model to be preferred, and the length of the rail. Stair elevators operating on battery power will be able to continue to work thanks to the battery inside even if your home's electricity is cut off. It has a silent working mechanism, it does not create noise in the house.

Don't Have Difficulty Climbing The Stairs!

You can make your life easier with our specially developed and assembled stair lifts.

Our Examples of Special Stair Lifts for the Disabled