Products for Disabled Drivers

The products developed to enable people with disabilities or loss of strength to control the vehicle more comfortably provide a safe driving opportunity.

The products developed by Kivi Srl provide safe and comfortable vehicle use. The product is applicable for almost all vehicles.

Disabled Driver Products

Left Throttle Pedal Kit 

For disabled drivers with a loss of power in their right foot or leg, the accelerator pedal is positioned on the left side of the brake pedal to provide travel. Suitable for vehicles with automatic transmission. A small pedal guard is placed in front of the original pedal to prevent unintentional acceleration and for safety. The application does not harm the mechanics of the vehicle. 

Hand Controlled Gas and Brake System

It allows the acceleration and braking mechanism of the vehicle to be managed completely by hand. It provides a comfortable and ideal ride for drivers with partial or total power loss in both legs. 

The appropriate product is determined according to the codes determined in the driver's license and the brand and model of the vehicle to be used. In addition, options such as horn, signal, wiper, eco mode management can be positioned according to the needs of the person. The system used does not prevent the airbag from opening. Our products comply with TSE standards. Since the gas and brake pedal of the vehicle preserves its originality, if desired, the hand control feature can be turned off and driving opportunities for non-disabled drivers can be provided. The application does not damage the mechanics of the vehicle and does not decrease the value of the vehicle. 

We have many driving devices in different models that provide manual control of the gas and brake system. 

Pedal Raising Apparatus

The pedal lifting apparatus allows short individuals to use the vehicle safely. It is suitable for both automatic and manual transmission vehicles. The pedal raiser is fixed to the original pedals and shortens the distance between the rider and the pedals. It can be disassembled when not in use, allowing other drivers to use the vehicle. 

Steering Auxiliary Apparatus

These are the devices that provide steering control for drivers with partial loss of movement in their fingers. It is mounted on the steering wheel and can be easily removed if not desired. 

Drive Your Vehilce Safely!

With our products that comply with European standards and pass the crash tests, we bring our disabled patients and patients with loss of movement back to the traffic.

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