About Us

HNC Automotive was established in 2009. HNC Automotive; It is a company that produces vehicle solutions that can be easily used by the disabled and the elderly. Our company, produces vehicle solutions to enable people with reduced mobility to travel without being dependent on others and to improve their quality of life.

Apart from individual vehicle solutions, our company offers transportation services with unobstructed rental vehicles. Today, our company owns the largest vehicle fleet that serves the transportation of disabled and elderly people and complies with TSE standards.

HNC Automotive was founded by Esat Tevfik Hancı. Our founder has 28 years of automotive industry knowledge and experience; the elderly and the disabled spend on vehicle solutions. HNC Automotive has achieved many firsts in our country regarding disabled vehicle adaptations and transportation vehicles.

As HNC Automotive since 2009; facilitates vehicle use for disabled, elderly, temporarily or permanently disabled individuals; We are implementing disabled vehicle adaptation applications. Our company continues its activities in the fields of consultancy and application and produces the best solutions by following all innovations in this regard.

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Our Business Partners


Autoadapt, which manufactured in a small workshop in Goteborg, Sweden in 1996, is today one of the world's largest disabled vehicle solutions and disabled lifts. As HNC Otomotiv, our partnership with Autoadapt started in 2013. Autoadapt changed its name to Braunability in 2018 and our partnership is still ongoing.
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Tripod is a company that produces low-floor vehicles from the Netherlands. The company, which has been operating since 1980, produces vehicles that wheelchair users can easily use. Tripod has applied vehicle applications to many different brands' models until today and has become an international leader in this regard. Our partnership with Tripod started in 2014 and still continues.


Italian firm KIVI produces solutions for disabled drivers. KIVI, which started its operations as a small family company in 2000, has become a well-known and preferred brand in many regions of the world from Brazil to Japan. Our partnership with KIVI started in 2014 and still continues. 

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Tribus is a Dutch company that designs both small and large size vehicles according to their needs so that everyone can reach everywhere. In addition to these works, Tribus produces modern solutions in wheelchair transportation, airport transfers and other transfer services. Our partnership with Tribus started in 2015 and still continues.


VB-Airsuspension is a company that manufactures suspension applications and systems for light commercial vehicles, transporters, caravans, ambulances, off-road and other vehicles. VB-Airsuspension In has converter approval by many established car companies such as Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Opel, Renault and Nissan. The partnership of VB-Airsuspension and HNC Automotive has been continuing since 2019.